Explore invisible issues and implement revolutionary innovation

We hope to build a friendly relationship that harmonizes people and society while expressing the feelings we wish to convey our affections through our inks. With “intelligence of colors and materials” as our identity, we are taking on the challenge of creating inks with new functions through continuous technological innovation.

Company information

Company information

Realizing what the customer wants to see
(Adding values to customer’s products and operations)

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Teikoku Printing Inks


Basic data establishment in 1985
  1. 1895

    Akabori Inks Mfg. Co. begins manufacturing

    Since its establishment in 1985, we have been engaged in ink manufacturing on a global scale as a leading ink manufacturer, including the establishment of plants and laboratories in Japan, a partnership with the largest screen ink manufacturer in Europe, and the development of overseas operations.



We operate 7 offices throughout Japan, centered on our business Headquarter, Laboratory, and Yamanashi plant.
In overseas, we have offices in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and India.
We provide values to oversea market.

Overseas Subsidiaries 5 locations Domestic offices 7 locations

Business locations


Teikoku Printing Inks contributes to society through the manufacture and sale of PAD inks, carbon inks, desensitizing inks, base materials for printing-related materials, and printing equipment, centered on the manufacture and sale of screen inks, with its Sales, R&D, Production, and Administrative departments.


  • Domestic 7 locations
  • Overseas 5 locations
  • Wide range of Product lines
  • Proposal based sales

R & D

  • Laboratory
  • New Development Dept.
  • Analysis Room
  • Testing Room
  • Technical Service

Manufacturing Dept.

  • Yamanashi Plant
  • Quality Management System
  • Environmental Management System

Administrative Dept.

  • General Affairs Dept.
  • Finance & Accounting Dept.
  • Procurement Dept.



Our laboratory has many original technologies, which is supported by our over 110 year history. As we develop new products, we bear in mind two important factors. “Will this product have worldwide acceptance?” and “Is this product safe for the environment?”
From Japanese standard inks to world standard inks, our world-renowned R & D department works diligently to develop easy-to-use products.

R & D


The latest ink and printing technologies showed at the exhibition are introduced along with examples of their use. We propose the latest ink and printing technologies at events for various industries to showcase Teikoku Ink’s technological capabilities.

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Screen Inks

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Screen Inks