Our philosophy


  • We integrate
    the “Intelligent Application of Color and Substrates”.


    Under the slogan of “Intelligent Application of Color and Substrates” Teikoku is helping to bring about the integration of creative imaging with needs and imagination. New technology and digital innovation guide our continual development of new inks.

  • Our approaches to Environmental Issues


    From the earliest days Teikoku has been focused on environmental preservation and the conservation of natural resources. This is behind our pioneering development of Japan’s earliest water-based inks and has led us to develop a range of subsequent environmentally friendly products.

  • Our Greatest Asset and Raw Material: the Customer’s Voice.


    Customer satisfaction comes only from listening to customers. R&D at Teikoku has no more important incentive than our understanding of what our customers want.

Corporate Objectives


This is an expression of the common aims of all employees who make up Teikoku Printing Inks, how we should be as a company, and how we can contribute to society.

  • 1. Through coloring with a global vision, we serve our customers from bottom of our hearts.
  • 1. Through coloring with a global vision, we achieve personal happiness and professional satisfaction for all members of our company.
  • 1. Through coloring with a global vision, we focus our best efforts to achieve continuous growth for our company.

Beliefs and Creeds


Regardless of our profession, we take the initiative to motivate others to provide value, try not to solve problems by relying on others, act on our own responsibility.

  • 1. Everyone shall do its business with spirit of a sales staff.
  • 1. A frank and bright work environment with good communication promotes success.
  • 1. God helps those who help themselves.

Teikoku’s Guarantee


  • Always beyond the call of duty, always the extra mile.