Solution Service by Teikoku Printing Inks provide benefits.

We believe that our significance of existence lies in the benefits we provide to our clients, namely, the realization of what they want (high added value in their products and services).In order to provide such benefits, we provide problem-solving support to our clients in order to solve their problems and achieve their desired goals.
This problem-solving support is the solution service of our company that solves by the functionality that ink has and its peripheral technology.
This solution service provides the best solution to each problem they have with understanding customers’ industry and business processes so that we can realize our customers what they really want (high added value to our customers’ products and service)

Technology Platform

We believe that the benefit we provide is the realization of our customers’ desires (high value-added products and services). We provide solution services as problem-solving support to solve the problems that our customers face and achieve their desired image.

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  • Technology Platform of the Laboratory
  • Technology Platform of the Sales
  • Solution Service

This service is supported by our “technology platform,” which is a collection of technologies and know-how possessed by our sales teams and laboratory.