An overwhelming number of patents applied for, including ink manufacturing methods, printed materials, and molded products.

Teikoku Printing Inks has many more patent applications for functional inks than our competitors.
We strive to improve our products so that our customers are able to add value to their products using our fundamental technical expertise.

Published patents
Registered patents

(As of January 2022)

Number of patents registered

Document number Title of the invention
JP6110579 The conductive liquid compositions
JP5968574 The manufacturing method of the high-speed screen printing ink composition, a printed material having undergone printing at high speed using the ink composition and printed matter
JP5944608 Coating resin composition
JP5901860 The manufacturing method of high-quality and high-definition screen printing ink composition, printed matter screen printed by the said ink composition and said printed matter
JP5312017 Method for manufacturing Inks, and inks, printed matter and molded objects based on method thereof
JP5128763 A light emitting display and manufacturing method thereof
JP4885523 Color film for color conversion of fluorescent display tube and its manufacturing method
JP4777632 The method for determining whether to use the UV-curable ink.
JP4743758 The radiation curable composition and an antistatic film.
JP4703999 The UV-curable ink and printed indiciation
JP4673927 A printing ink composition for forming ink jet ink receiving layer, articles using the same and manufacturing method thereof
JP4646279 The UV-curable ink and image forming material
JP4503165 A composite sheet and articles using the same
JP4402869 Method of printing
JP4310357 Manufacturing method of UV curing type ink, and Inks, printed matter and molded objects based on method thereof
JP4310355 Manufacturing method of UV curing type ink, and Inks, printed matter and molded objects based on method thereof
JP4305931 Ink and printed matter
JP4271482 The decorative UV-curable colored ink.
JP4176782 the decorative sheet and the molded article integrated with the decorative sheet
JP4159323 The heat-resistant printing ink
JP4052647 Printing inks and decorated sheet using these inks
JP4050428 Radiation curable inks and printed matter using these inks
JP3898888 Method of sending and receiving documents and goods, and medium for sending documents and goods
JP3897560 Manufacturing method of IC card and UV-curable ink used in this method
JP3837597 Mirror ink and mirror printed matter using mirror ink
JP3837596 Ink and printed matter
JP3718496 Insert-molded product
#3591767 Production method for printed circuit boards
#3494399 Thick layer printed matter and printing method
#3480813 Ink for Ink jet printers
#3407249 A film sheet which has an ink-receiving layer and a re-peelable adhesion layer.
#3407248 A film sheet having an ink-receiving layer which can be imaged with copying technology on one side of the film.
#3382158 A radioactive ray curable receiving ink and printed matter using it.
#3373438 Printed matter and printing method
#3290907 Production method of a relief print
#3277365 A radioactive ray curable ink and printed matter using it.
#3250685 A printing method using a pattern paper and the pattern paper.
#3245708 Holding equipment
#3184133 A substrate
#3180939 Ink dispersing equipment
#3151606 A special ink and printed matter using it.
#3151583 Production method of a decoration panel.
#3103764 Production method of a mouse mat.
#3046715 Production method for printed matter
#3040668 Radiation curable ink jet ink
#2974497 Measuring equipment for ink dispersion
#2944861 Scratch-off printing method and scratch-off print.
#2915017 Color image transfer method.
#2880845 UV curable ink
#2863848 Ink stirrer for coater
#2863847 A container which was treated not to be stained and manufacturing method of it.
#2664057 Copying sheet
#2529317 Writing material