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UV Ink selector

Ink name Finish Substrate Applicaton Special Features Drying/Curing
UVBUL Gloss Blu-ray (metal treated layer) Blu-ray Metal treated layer substrate Good adhesion, Hard surface RE-804
UV DVC Gloss Labels on optical media, PC CD & DVD labels Good adhesion, low shrinkage, low odor. RE-806
UV FIL Gloss Paper, PVC stickers, soft PVC, treated PET Postesr, stickers, labels and seals Soft and flexible, high-gloss, applicable for cylinder-press. RE-801
UVFLX Gloss PC, PET, PVC, ABS, Solvent ink Speed meter panels Hi-opacity, multiprint suitable. RE-877
UVMEL Gloss Matte Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD label area, PC Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD & PC substrate Low ink shrinkage, High speed printing. RE-804
UV MET Gloss Aluminum, stainless steel, iron, painted steel, electro-plated metal Nameplates Good adhesion, good durability, good resistance to acids and alkali. RE-805
UV PAL Gloss PC, soft & rigid PVC, AS, ABS, treated PET, PS, timber, paper Electronic appliances Wide variety of substrates, good adhesion, be careful to cut. RE-801



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