Product overview

Luminova(Phosphorescent)ink contains pigments that absorb light rays from the sun, electric lights, etc., accumulate, and gradually discharge them to emit light, enabling absorption, accumulation, and emission to be repeated over and over.


  • Luminous sign, emergency signs (emergency exit, emergency stairs, emergency equipment, etc), decorations, etc.
  • Automobile, Motorcycle

  • Home Appliance (IoT)

  • Smartphone, Tablet, Smart watch

  • Sensor

  • Game

  • Others

Features, Function

  • Various UV type and solvent type inks can be used according to the printing materials and application
  • The luminescence is completed in about 4 minutes, and the luminescence lasts for about 1-2 hours.
  • The luminous intensity is nearly proportional to the light intensity when the stimulus light is of low intensity (less than 100 lux) and constant above that.
  • Shorter wave length of stimulating light is effective for luminescence of stored amount. For example, when stimulated with the light of same intensity, tungsten bulb has a luminescence rate of 100 [arbitrary units], a white fluorescent lamp has a rate of 180, and a daylight fluorescent lamp has a rate of 220.


  • According to each ink type


  • According to each ink type
  • Stir the ink thoroughly before use

Recommended cleaner

  • According to each ink type


  • T 100 to 150 mesh(Coverage is 12m2/kg at T 100 mesh)
  • *Coarse mesh is recommended, as the luminous intensity changes depending on the thickness of the ink layer.

Drying, Curing

  • Please refer to respective ink catalog for drying conditions.

Standard colors

Introduction of
Color Guide

  • Three types of inks are available depending on the substrate as shown below.
    1) For Soft & rigid PVC, Acrylic : VG-Luminova
    2) For papers : NAN-Luminova
    3) For polyester : EG-Luminova


  • Checking before production: Adhesion and resistance properties may change due to differences in substrates, processes, printing and drying conditions. Be sure to check the adhesiveness and resistance properties before mass production printing
  • Ink shelf life: 3 months from production date, unopened.(when stored in cool, dark place)


  • Please refer to respective ink catalog for transportation information.


  • Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water (or lukewarm water) and consult with a doctor.
  • Containers should be closed tightly after use and stored in a cool and dark place.
  • SDS is available upon request. Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling the products.


Although the phosphorescent pigments we use are treated with a special weatherproofing treatment, if they are used outdoors for a long period of time, the combined effects of temperature, humidity, and ultraviolet rays may cause deterioration. If you intend to use the product outdoors, please contact us in advance.

  • *Above resistance test results are measured results in our laboratory and they are not guaranteed values.
  • *Information contained in this catalog may change without prior notice.


What is Phosphorescent ink?

Phosphorescent ink contains pigments with luminescent properties that absorb and accumulate light rays from the sun, electric lights, etc., and gradually emit them, so the absorption-accumulation-emission process can be repeated many times. It can also be applied to safety and energy saving measures.

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