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Exhibition Report on IPF JAPAN 2017

Event outline

"International Plastic Fair (IPF) Japan 2017" is the comprehensive technology exhibition of raw materials, machines, products, recycling equipment and manufacture by processing for plastic and rubber.

In this exhibition, we introduced the latest printing and ink technology, centering on High Definition Inks (High Quality/High Definition Screen Ink).

October 24 - October 28, 2017
Makuhari Messe
Official HP

List of Exhibits

1. Proposal of White to produce luxury sense by High Definition Ink.

High Definition Ink can realize uniform and rich beautiful white without unevenness:

For white that produces a simple and high class design, extremely high quality is required, which is not permitted even slight variation in transparency and color taste. The beautiful white that responds to the high requirement was realized by High Definition ink (High Quality, High Definition Screen Ink).

This white color realizes a uniformity without unevenness, rich finish with opacity, and print boundary line without concavity and convexity (saw edge is 10µm or less).

Application Example:

Smartphone, High-end home appliances

Example of uniform and rich beautiful white without unevenness realized by High Definition Ink.


Example of combination of Rich white and fine printing with gradation printing by High Definition.


2. Introduction of excellent decoration of High Definition Ink

1. Fine Printability

Realize expression and design beautifully in high resolution. Enables to print fine line like hair as fine as 100µm within accuracy of 100µm to 116µm.

Example of precisely printing detailed characters that need to be checked with a magnifying glass.


2. Simultaneous printing of solid and thin line

High Definition Ink enables solid pattern, fine line, and gradation printing by one stencil, enabling huge cost reductions by reducing the number of plate making and man hours.

Example of Fine Line(100µm-) Simultaneous printing of Solid.

3. Fine & Smooth Gradation

Since High Definition Ink can be accurately printed with fine dot patterns of 100µm level, gradation expression which has never been possible becomes possible.

An example of gradation of vivid coloration to a molded article.

3. Proposal of improving decoration and cost reduction by Film Insert Molding(FIM/IMD)

Film Insert Molding (FIM/IMD):

Film Insert Molding (FIM) also called as In-Mold Decoration (IMD), it is a method of inserting a screen printed film into a mold and decorating the molded object by integral molding.

Compared to other methods, it is excellent in decorativeness, degree of freedom of design, resistance, productivity (reduction in the number of parts, small lot support).

Process of FIM/IMD: (1)Screen Printing (2)Foaming (3)Injection

Decoration of PP Resin by FIM/IMD:

PP resin has low specific gravity and high strength, so it is applied to various industrial products. In the past, decoration by FIM/IMD was difficult but now it becomes possible.


1) Realize weight reduction and improving strength.
2) It is more excellent in decoration and efficiency than PP resin plus PVC sticker.
3) Recycling is easy due to Integral Molding decoration by PP resin with PP film.

Application Example:

Parts for Motor cycle and Automotive, Home Appliances, Cellular Phones, Housing Material.

Examples of molding products using pearl for the purpose of improved design.

4. Proposal of realizing both prevention of malfunction of electronic equipment and improvement of design

Realization of black ink and metallic ink with high resistance value:

Metallic inks and black inks containing conductive materials has the risk of static electricity flowing through the coating surface. Therefore, due to the risk of malfunction such as short-circuit of electronic circuit and radio wave interference, the use to electronic equipment was refrained.

However, by realizing nonconductive metallic ink and black ink with high resistance value, it is possible to pursue high design without fear of malfunction.


1) With high electric resistance value, it solves short circuit of electronic circuit and radio interference by energized ink layer.
2) Metallic design which was thought to be difficult for electronic equipment in the past is now made possible.
3) Black ink with high opacity can also be used for the window frame etc. of touch panel.
4) It is possible to create an ink that matches each substrate (glass, PET, PMMA, etc.).

Comparison of electronics resistance of non-conductive ink and conventional ink is as follows,

Ink Name Resistance Value of conventional ink Resistance value of non-conductive ink
Metallic ink About 104-5Ω 109Ω or more
Black ink About 105-10Ω 1012Ω or more

Application Example:

Smartphones, Touch Panel

Printing sample of non-conductive ink(window flame) and non-conductive metallic (logo)


5. Proposal of realizing both practicality and design improvement by phosphorescence function

Due to high emission luminance and long afterglow time (over 500 minutes), application range of phosphorescent ink is expanded:

Phosphorescent ink is an ink that has the function of absorbing light and emitting light. Due to its high emission brightness and long afterglow time, it exerts its power in safety and power saving applications such as safety display. Recently, applications such as utilizing the phosphorescent function for improving the design are expanding.

Ink name Color Characteristics Emission Luminance
Afterglow time Ave Particle size
Phosphorescent Ink Yellowish Green Conventional type About 20mcd (Green) 60 – 90 min 32µm
Luminova Phosphorescent Ink Light Yellowish Green Longtime emission Improved Light Resistance About 300mcd (Green) More than 500 minutes 20µm
Luminova Phosphorescent(S) Ink Light Yellowish Green Longtime emission Improved Light Resistance Small particle size Improved leveling About 300mcd (Green) More than 500 minutes 10µm

Application Example:

Luminous switch, Portable light, Dark room equipment, Stairway, Handrail, Emergency Exit, Emergency Supplies, Ornaments, Seal, Decal for motorcycle, Key Holders, Lighter, Shop curtain, Building materials, Table cloth, Toys, Fishing goods.

Usage examples of phosphorescent ink series with high emission luminance.


6. Proposal of realizing both reduction of environmental burden and cost reduction by metal plate substitution.

Mirror silver achieving a very high gloss of metal plating level:

For Miller Silver Ink, inks with excellent printability are prepared for each substrate such as polycarbonate, treated PET material, glass, etc. Applicable for Home Appliances, Cellular Phones, Automobile by advantage for environment and cost as substitution of metal plating.


1) Excellent mirror effect formation: Enables to form a clear mirror finish without unevenness.
2) Excellent printability: High thixotropic nature and excellent in printing properness. Also suitable for outline letter and convex letter.
3) Environmentally Friendly: Because harmful substances and PVC resin are not used, environmental safety is high compared to plating, and environmental spending can be reduced.

Application Example:

Home Appliances, Cellular Phones, Automobile

An example of a mirror ink realizing a mirror surface like a genuine mirror.

7. Proposal of solving problem of scratch in the product

Self-Restoring clear which protect the product from scratches and maintain its brand new appearance:

Clear with this self-restoring function repairs dent defects generated by scratching due to the high elasticity of the coating film. As a result, it becomes possible to erase the scratches generated when using the product, and keep the freshness like a brand new product for a long time.

Application Example:

Smartphones, Mobile Device, Automobile Interior

Example of rubbing the printed surface of Self-Restoring clear with a brass brush.
(The part printed by Self-Restoring clear is restored, the transparency is maintained, and the non-printed part is pure white with scratches.)


8. Introduction of Sensor Ink (IR Transmittable Ink)

What is IR Transmittable ink ?:

IR transmittable ink is an ink transmitting infrared rays (IR) only and blocks other visible light and ultraviolet rays (ex. sunlight). Since printed ink layer formed by printing this ink on transparent sheet blocks those other than infrared ray, it is used for light receiving section of remote controller and infrared reception part of mobile phones.

Sensor compatible ink that can handle various wavelength light other than IR (infrared rays):

By adjusting the wavelength light to be transmitted, IR transmitted ink becomes a sensor-compatible ink that can be used for the light receiving part of various sensors.

Ink for IR sensor Application: Remote Control, IR Data transfer.
Requirement: 850nm is the center, more than 50%
Ink for Motion Detection sensor Application: Detect presence or absence of people or obstacle in the vicinity. A set of IR transmitter and receiver.
Requirement: 80% or more at 940nm、950nm、1200nm. Transparency with low haze, low reflection.
Ink for Iris authentication sensor Application: Apply a specific lamp to face and sense the light from eyes.
Requirement: 80% or more at 940nm、950nm、1200nm.
Ink for camera sensor Application: Camera focusing
Requirement: 850 nm is the center, more than 75%. Transparency with low haze, low reflection.
Ink for environmental thermal sensor Application: Sensor detecting heat in near vicinity.
Requirement: 85% or more at 940nm、950nm、1200nm.
Ink applicable to sensor for environmental light-dark (ALS) Application: Sensing environmental light-dark and adjust electricity in surroundings and screen light-dark.
Requirement: 2%-10% at 550nm and the same transmittance rate at 400nm-700nm. Not transmitted in IR field.
Substrate PET PC, PMMA Hard coat, PMMAA Glass
Applicable Ink EG, MIX-HF 13, MIX-HF MRX-HF IRX-HF

Application Example:

Smartphones, Automobile

9. Proposal of new design applying IR transmittable ink

New design realized by adjusting the transmission wavelength of IR transmittable ink:

IR transmission ink can only adjust the wavelength of transmitted light while maintaining the same hue as normal ink. Since the wavelength of the transmitted light is also possible in the visible light range, a new design such as “concealing printing” in which the image appears only when irradiated with light becomes possible.

Application Example:

Automotive meter, Control panel for home appliances, Mobile Device

Although the center of the meter only looks like a rich black print.
(Woody texture like genuine parts are realized with High-Definition ink.)


A beautiful wing image appears when illuminating the backlight.


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