Product overview

STELLA Ink is a screen printing ink containing special pearl pigments. Compared to conventional pearl pigments, they offer a particularly superior brightness finish. STELLA Ink has superior resistance properties and weather resistance, can be used for various applications, furthermore, the hue changes according to the viewing angle.


  • Game consoles, mobile phones, automobiles, home appliance decorations, graphics, etc.

Features, Function

  • It provides chroma and glossiness with an impact that cannot be achieved with conventional pearl pigments.
  • Increases coloring effect on black substrate. Also, gives special finish on silver, blue, and red substrate.


  • As per each ink type.


  • 15 to 20% (Please refer to dilution of solvent type screen ink)
  • *Please use the solvent listed in the catalog for each ink type.
  • *Special coloring materials tend to precipitate easily, stir well before use.

Recommended cleaner

  • Screen Cleaner L2


  • Solvent type ink: T 200 to 250 mesh
  • UV type ink: T 250 to 300 mesh(Coverage is about 30 to 40m2/kg at 250 mesh)
  • *For other handling, refer to each ink type.

Standard colors

Introduction of
Color Guide

  • 881 Stella Silver  Silver
    882 Stella Gold  Gold
    883 Stella Purple Purple
    884 Stella Blue  Blue
    885 Stella Green  Green
    886 Stella Turquoise-Green  Green


  • Checking before production: Adhesion and resistance properties may change due to differences in substrates, processes, printing and drying conditions. Be sure to check the adhesiveness and resistance properties before mass production printing
  • Ink shelf life: 6 months from production date, unopened.


  • Please refer to respective ink catalog for transportation information.


  • Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water (or lukewarm water) and consult with a doctor.
  • Containers should be closed tightly after use and stored in a cool and dark place.
  • SDS is available upon request. Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling the products.


Test item Test Conditions Test results
Adhesive JIS K 5600-5-6 ISO2409 1mm interval 6×6 cuts, cellophane tape and peel 0(no peel)
Heat 90℃168 hrs., check appearance and adhesion of ink layer No defect
Hot Water JIS K 5600-6-2 ,ISO 2812-2 Soak 72 hrs., in 60℃ tap water, check appearance No defect
Humidity JIS K 5600-7-2(Continuous condensation)50℃,95%RH,168 hrs., check appearance and peel off No defect
Cool-heat cycling test 80℃ 4hrs.,25℃ 1hr.,-40℃ 4hrs., 25℃ 1hr.,10 cycles, check appearance No defect
Acid Drop 0.5cc of 5% HCl, leave 24 hrs., check appearance No defect
Alkaline Drop 0.5cc of 5% NaOH, leave 24hrs., check appearance No defect
Engine oil Soak 1 hr., check appearance No defect
Alcohol 1 Soak 30 min, check appearance No defect
Alcohol 2 Gakushin scrub tester, cotton soaked ethyl alcohol, weight 200g, 100 back and forth. check peel off No defect
Detergent Soak 24 hrs., in 5% non-ionic household detergent solution(mama-lemon), check appearance No defect
Scrub Gakushin scrub tester, cotton, 500g weight, 1000 back and forth, check appearance No defect
Punching Punching by press machine No defect
Accelerated Weathering JIS K 5600-7-7 ISO 11341 Irradiance 60W/m2、BP Temp.63±3℃ Raining fall 18 min/120 min、1000 hrs., check color fade and peel off No defect

Test Condition

  • Test Conditions 【Ink used:13 series ink】【80℃ 30 min】【T 250】【substrate:0.5mm PC】 
  • Above resistance test results are measured results in our laboratory and they are not guaranteed values.
  • Information contained in this catalog may change without prior notice. 


What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a type of stencil printing which uses a technique of duplicating the image from a design made on mesh stencils.

When printing ink goes through the mesh, it transfers the image onto the substrate material. Other than air and water, any substrate materials are printable. Not only flat surfaces, but also curved, specially shaped, and molded products are suitable for screen printing.