Metallic tone decoration on glass substrate Two pack type Halogen free printing ink for glass substrate

Introduction of GLS-HF ink(4)

News to the customers who are planning new decoration for glass substrate.

In this issue, we will introduce a new decoration of abundant color variation of the organic type GLS-HF Ink combined with metallic tone as a theme.

1. Characteristics of organic type GLS-HF Ink in comparison with non-organic type ink

  1. Abundant color variation
    Organic type ink can realize a lot of color variation which non-organic type ink can not do. In this issue we will introduce you this color variation in combination with metallic tone.
  2. Thermal curing condition is 150°C, which is within law temperature range.
    As for non-organic ink, it is necessary to calcinate at high temperature such as 650°C.
  3. Superior environmental safety
    – Environmentally hazardous heavy metal such as lead, etc. is not contained.
    – Isophorone Free
    – Halogen Free
  4. It is easy to provide various functionality
    In this issue, we will introduce combination with “metallic”.(Please refer to the following cases.)
  5. Excellent resistance of printed ink layer such as resistance against hot water, etc.
  6. Excellent stability on stencil even for large size printing.

2. Examples of utilizing GLS-HF Ink, two-pack Halogen Free type ink designed for printing on glass substrate

Flat TV

We will introduce examples of color variation utilizing metallic powder of organic type GLS-HF Ink.

All the inks, cited in the following cases, are made by color matching.


Case1. Gloss variation in combination with metallic tone(made by color matching)

Various kinds of glossiness can be made by selection of grain size and content of metallic powder.

Case2. Color variation in combination with metallic tone
(made by color matching)

GLS-HF Ink can provide metallic powder with colors.

 Case3. Abundant metallic color variation (made by color matching)

4. Product information of GLS-HF Ink

Product information of GLS-HF Ink can be referred from here.

GLS-HF Ink has also been taken up in Back Number Vol.149, Back Number Vol.154, and Back Number Vol.155, so, please refer to them.