Non-Conductive Black ink and Jet Black ink

Introduction of functional Black ink

We are introducing Non-Conductive Black Ink which has the function of high electrical resistance value of ink layer and non-conductivity of electricity.

We would like to introduce 2 types of Functional Black Inks.

1. Non-Conductive Black Ink (Electricity is difficult to pass through.) which has high electrical resistance of ink layer.
2. Jet Black Ink with deep black color (Piano Black) which will add extra value of high quality taste.

1.Introduction of Non-Conductive Black Ink

We are introducing Non-Conductive Black Ink which has the function of high electrical resistance value of ink layer and non-conductivity of electricity.

Non-Conductive Black Ink: Comply with both Non-conductivity and Opacity effect

1) Problem of conductivity for using carbon black pigment

In general, carbon black pigment is commonly used for black inks.

However, due to conductivity of this carbon black, if this ink is printed, the ink layer will have low electrical resistance (Conductivity tends to become higher.).

Thus malfunction of electrical devises might occur by the instantaneous sparking when the electricity flows in the ink layer. In addition, sometimes it will cause interfering problem of radio wave for a built in antenna if this ink is used for the display of mobile phone.

In connection to the solution of these problems, there has been demand of Non-Conductive Black Ink (Electricity is difficult to pass through.) with high electrical resistance.

2) Opacity problem of Non-Conductivity Black Ink

For conventional type of Non-Conductive Black Ink, it did not use carbon black for making black color instead black color was created by mixing various colors. The ink could not have good opacity effect.

However, there have been some cases of demand which people have asked for high opacity effect for the display of PC and Mobile phone from the aspect of design and function.

3) Comply with both Non-Conductivity and Opacity Effect

We have, therefore, developed Non-Conductive Ink with Non-Conductivity and Opacity Effect to comply with both functions.

Since our Non-Conductive Ink has similar tone of standard black ink, this ink is suitable for flat TV and display of mobile phone to meet the requirement of opacity effect.

You could prevent malfunction of devises and have good reception of radio wave.

Reference: Printing Samples of Non-Conductive Black Ink

The following samples are displays of mobile phones using Non-Conductive Black Inks for framing. The antenna or other radio devises are installed behind.

Photo 1: Color difference of black color between conventional Non-Conductive Ink (Color matched black) and New Non-Conductive Ink.

The difference of Opacity effect is very obvious by comparing the pictures.

Non-Conductive Black Ink: Special Futures

1) High electrical resistance

Each Ink series will have surface electrical resistance value of above 1014 Ω .
(For standard black ink, electrical resistance value is 105 ~ 1010 Ω .)

Especially POS and MRX Ink Series, we have actual work cases of achieving electrical resistance value over 1015 Ω .


2) Various type of Ink series are available

Since we offer many kinds of solvent type Non-Conductive Inks, we could comply with wide range of substrate materials such as PC, Hard coated Acrylic, Glass, etc.

In our current product range for Non-Conductive Black Ink, there are POS, MRX, INQ Ink Series, etc.


3) No restriction of Decoration

Since the usage of this ink is printed on the back layer of decoration layer as back printing, it will not spoil the front print layer of decoration.

The application is the same as standard black ink.

This ink will be printed as same way as the decoration printing by screen print, the ink layer could form a high electrical resistance and make simpler manufacturing process.

Photo 2: Multi-Colored Printing for IMD

2. Introduction of Jet-Black Ink

Introducing Jet-Black Ink with adding value of high quality taste by Onyx color.

Jet-Black Ink: High quality taste by Onyx color

It will give you an additional high value to your product.

This Jet-Black Ink can produce Glossy black color finish like Piano Black and Onyx.

By producing high quality of glossiness and special luster, your product will have the extra value.

Photo 3: Using Onyx color, we have achieved the color appearance of high quality taste of glossiness and special luster for IMD.

Photo 4: Enlarged picture

Black Jet Ink: Precaution for usage

* Please use ISX-Piano Black of 1 pack type IMD Ink.
* Please use the ink for back printing.
In order to produce Jet-Black color, please use ISX-Piano Black for the 1st layer and use Standard Black Ink for the 2nd layer as multi-printing.

* For multi-printing of black ink, you can use ISX, IPX, INQ, MRX and other inks of solvent type inks.

Chart 5: Diagram of Cross Section of Jet-Black ink and back printing

For more information about Jet-Black Ink, please feel free to contact us.

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