Halogen Free, Highly transparent Ink for Molding

Introduction of transparent ink TOC-HF(1)

Special news to the persons in charge of design of the cellular phone and automobile meter!

This time, we will introduce TOC-HF transparent ink (Halogen Free, Highly transparent Ink for Molding), which realizes clear-water-like transparent design.

1. Transparent ink TOC-HF which realizes vivid transparency

1. TOC-HF ink realizes excellent “transparency” and “smoothness”to solve the problems of dulling and black dot.

Newly developed TOC-HF ink, which is Halogen Free, Highly transparent Ink for Molding and compatible with FIM, has realized more “transparency” and “smooth finish” than conventional products.

This TOC-HF ink can enable transparent design with no dulling or black dot.

Especially, it realizes transparent, excellent design in display of cellular phone and automobile meter which requires visibility and designability.

2. Excellent characteristics of transparent ink TOC-HF

  1. Highly transparent Ink for Molding
  2. Mirror effect surface of vivid color is available by overprinting on MIR ink! (To be introduced in the next issue)
  3. Excellent environment-responsive (Halogen-free, BTX, Isophorone-free)
  4. It can be used by either 1-pack ink or 2-pack ink depending on usage.

2. Example of vivid transparent color

Transparent design can be realized by using transparent ink TOC-HF.

1. Example of vivid transparent color

Color-film-like transparent color can be realized by adjusting transmitting light.

1-1. Color-film-like transparent color

1-2. Example of color variation by color matching
(Back printing of mirror ink)

Color matching can realize various colors.

2. Product information of TOC-HF Ink

Product information of TOC-HF ink is here.


Also, combination of this transparent ink TOC-HF (Halogen Free, Highly transparent Ink for Molding) and MIR Ink (mirror effect surface ink) can realize mirror effect surface color which is transparent and without dulling.

In the next technical report, we will introduce new design which is produced by combination of transparent ink and MIR ink, with photos.