Product overview

TOC-HF Ink forms a transparent colored ink layer, which can be overprinted with MIR-51000 Mirror Silver to obtain a mirror effect surface with vivid colors. It is environmentally friendly ink for molding that does not intentionally use halogen compounds (chlorine Cl, bromine Br) in raw materials and does not contain environmentally hazardous substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and isophorone.


  • Amusement equipment, Game housing
  • Automobile, Motorcycle

  • Home Appliance (IoT)

  • Smartphone, Tablet, Smart watch

  • Sensor

  • Game

  • Others

Features, Function

  • Obtain mirror effect surface with vivid colors by overprinting MIR-51000 Mirror Silver.
  • Please use MIX-HF ink as back printing ink for TOC-HF and MIR-51000 Mirror Silver.
  • One pack type, but Catalyst can be used to improve adhesion.


  • PC sheet, Easy adhesion treated PET film


  • Z-706 SOLVENT (standard), Z-703 SOLVENT(slow)
  • Dilution 30 to 35%
  • *Do not use other solvents as they may cause contamination of halogen compounds, and may adversely affect curing, adhesion, stencil stability, or other properties.

Catalyst, Promoter mixing

  • 106 CATALYST 2% Pot life 3 hrs. (For use with PET Substrate, hard adhesion materials and molding applications)
  • *The ink will turn to gel after the pot life has expired. Be sure to mix only enough to use.

Recommended cleaner

  • Screen Cleaner L2


  • T 350 to 420 mesh(Coverage would be about 45 to 55m2/kg at 420 mesh)


  • 80℃ 30 min
  • Overprint
    Each layer 80℃ 10 min(tack-free)
    Final layer 80℃ 30 min
  • *For IMD/FIM applications, drying time of 60 min at 80℃ is recommended.

Standard colors

  • HF000 MEDIUM


  • HF199 RED


  • HF399 BLUE

  • HF919 BLACK

Introduction of
Color Guide


  • Do not use solvents and catalysts other than the designated ones because of the possibility of contamination with halogen compounds.
  • Please check the squeegee rubber, emulsion, materials and substrates before use, as they may contain halogen compounds.
  • In the insert molding, in which the printing sheet is inserted inside the mold and is integrated with injected molded resin, the finished product may be affected by the substrate material, the ink used in design printing, selection of binder, printing conditions, printing order, drying method and conditions, selection of molded resin, mold design (type and position of the injection gates, number of gates), and the injection conditions, etc.
  • Preliminary testing under actual conditions is strongly recommended before a commercial run.
  • When using binders, we recommend "IMB-HF006 Binder" (various substrates) or "IMB-HF009 Binder" (PC substrates) which are halogen-free.
  • Ink shelf life: 24 months from production date, unopened.


  • UN No.: Not classified in the definition
  • UN Classification: Not classified in the definition


  • Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water (or lukewarm water) and consult with a doctor.
  • Containers should be closed tightly after use and stored in a cool and dark place.
  • SDS is available upon request. Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling the products.


1.Printed material

Test Test Condition Test results
Adhesion JIS K 5600-5-6:ISO2409(cross-cut), 1mm interval 6×6, cellophane tape and peel 0(no peel)
Pencil Hardness JIS K 5600-5-4:ISO 15184(pencil), Weight 750g, Pencil hardness (Mitsubishi Uni) which does not make scar. F
Heat JIS K5600-6-3:ISO 3248, 90℃,240H、check appearance and peel off from the substrate No defect
Humidity JIS K 5600-7-2(Continuous condensation), 65℃, 95%RH, 240 hrs.,check appearance and peel off from the substrate. No defect
Accelerated Weathering (Xenon lamp) JIS K-5600-7-7:ISO 11341,  BP Temp.63±3℃ Raining rate 18 min/120 min
200 hrs. Check color fade and peel off
No defect
  • Test condition
    【TOC-HF399 BLUE】 【Z-706 CATALYST 30%】 【80℃ 30 min】 【T 420】 【Substrate: Polycarbonate sheet】

2. Molded product

Test Test Condition Test results
Heat JIS K5600-6-3:ISO 3248, 90℃,240 hrs, check appearance and peel off from the
No defect
Humidity JIS K 5600-7-2(Continuous condensation),65℃, 95%RH, 240 hrs., check appearance and peel off from the substrate. No defect
  • Above resistance test results are measured results in our laboratory and they are not guaranteed values.
  • Information contained in this catalog may change without prior notice.


What are the meanings of X and Q used in the ink names such as IPX, INQ, FMX, etc.?

X and Q are used to designate isophorone-free inks.

Is there any information related to high transparency inks?

The MIX-HF ink series offers “High transparency” and “excellent leveling property” more than ever before. The haze value in MIX-HF000 medium (*) is as low as 0.6. In addition to MIX-HF, there are other inks with high transparency such as TOC-HF. Please select the ink that best suits your application.

(*) Haze value: Haze value is the ratio of diffuse light transmission to total light transmission when irradiated with visible light. The smaller the haze value, the better the transparency.
Haze value(%)=Td/Tt x 100 (Td:Diffusive transmittance, Tt: Total transmittance)

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