Wide range of color variation on the glass Two pack type halogen free printing ink for glass substrate

Introduction of GLS-HF ink(1)

A News to those who want to improve the design of the glass based products.

Have you ever given up for using glass substrate because of limited color variations, limited design work, and environmental concerns?

It is now possible to design
with a wide selection of colors
on the glass substrate.

This GLS-HF Ink Series (2 pack Halogen Free type ink specially designed for glass substrate) is capable of adding design work.

For this report, Teikoku would like to introduce this GLS-HF Ink Series which has superior characteristics of environment safety, diversified design work with a wide color variations, superior resistance, and improved productivity.

1.Organic type of GLS-HF Ink can solve the typical problems of Calcined inorganic ink.

GLS-HF Ink Series is different from conventional type of in-organic ink used for glass substrate, it is an organic type ink.

Therefore, GLS-HF Ink Series has superior characteristics for solving the problems of limited color variations, environmentally concern, etc. of which inorganic ink (calcined ink) has.


Characteristics of GLS-HF Ink Series

  1. Wide selection of color variations (Inorganic Ink has limited color variations)
  2. Superior resistance to hot water, heat, weather, etc.
  3. Excellent printability for large size printing.
  4. Low temperature of 150°C drying condition. (Inorganic Ink has 650°C of high calcination temperature condition.)
  5. Excellent environment safety (Please refer to below information for environment safety.)


GLS-HF Ink Series has excellent environment safety.

  • This Ink is Halogen Free type ink which does not intentionally use Halogen compounds (Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl)).
  • It does not contain environmentally hazardous heavy metals like lead, etc.(Some organic inks contain environmentally hazardous heavy metals like lead, etc.)
  • It is free content of BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene,), Cyclohexanone, and Isophorone used for solvent.

The followings are examples using GLS-HF Ink Series.

2.Examples of utilizing GLS-HF Ink Series


We would like to introduce the example of utilizing
GLS-HF Ink for the frame mask of Display
used for flat TV.


Example of using vivid blue color onto glass substrate


Example of using Piano Black onto glass substrate