Add value to touch panel glass with ink with IR transmission function

Introduction of GLS-HF ink(2)

A news to the customers who consider utilization of glass substrates for mobile equipments and home appliances

In recent years, touch panels have spread into the household appliance such as mobile devices or TVs, etc.

And for those touch panels, for its visibility and resistance, glass substrates have come to be used more and more instead of resin.

This time, therefore, we will introduce the combination of GLS-HF Ink Series that is two-pack Halogen Free type inks especially designed for printing glass substrate and IR transmittance function in order to improve the function and design of touch panels for mobile devices and the household appliance.

In the meantime, please refer to the Back Number Vol. 146, too with respect to IR transmittance function.

1.Provision of two-pack Halogen Free type inks especially designed for printing glass substrate with IR transmittance function

IR transmittance function makes it possible that remote control units or IR sensors can catch only infrared rays passing through the printing part.

Case 1. Example of using remote control unit in IR light receiving section

Until now, color in the borderline of IR light receiving section had differed, which was conspicuous.

However, by using GLS-HF with IR transmittance function, the design with no borderline on the glass will be realized.

Case 2. Example that adjusts transmittance wavelength and utilizes it for the visible light rays sensor section.

It is possible to control transmittance of rays of the other wavelength, instead of IR (infrared rays).

For example, by using GLS-HF Ink Series instead of infrared rays for visual light rays sensor section which responds to light and dark of the surroundings, light control of touch panel, etc becomes possible.

Practical use of light transmittance function can contribute to the wide range of designability.

Case 3-1. Example of concealing print on the glass substrates to which light transmittance function was applied.


Case 3-2


Case 3-3

Selective use of GLS-HF ink with the transmittance function for light will greatly expand the range of designs.