IPX-HF Screen Ink (2 Pack Halogen Free Environmentally Friendly Ink for IMD/FIM)

IPX-HF Screen Ink

IPX-HF Ink Series is environmentally friendly 2 pack ink for IMD/FIM with no intentional use of Halogen compounds (Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl)) and its Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Isophorone free content.
It is suitable for IMD/FIM with superior heat resistance and good adhesion to treated PET film and Polycarbonate (PC) sheet.

Applications & Substrates

  •  Pattern printing on treated PET film and PC sheet for IMD/FIM
  • Suitable for IMD/FIM applications with Acrylic, AS, ABS, PC/ABS, PC resins in combination with IMB binder

Special Features

  • Halogen compounds (Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl)) are not intentionally used in raw materials.
  • Two-pack ink with superior heat resistance


  • Refrain from using solvents and catalysts other than specified ones as Halogen components may interfuse.
  • Check halogen contents of squeegee rubber, emulsion, substrate and other equipments, before using as they may contain halogen components.

Thinning, Mixing, Stirring, Cleaning

  • Stir well before every use.
  • Use F-003 (Standard) thinner with 10-15% dilution. F-002 (fast dry) and Z-705 (slow dry) thinners are also available.
  • Use 240 Catalyst with 10 wt. % dilution just before printing and mix well.
  • Refer to following table for Catalyst addition ratios.
  106 Catalyst 240 Catalyst 220 Catalyst 200 Catalyst
Improves adhesion
to substrate
(IPX standard)
Extra flexibility
IPX-HF 14% 10% 15% 16%
  • Pot life is about 4-5 hours at room temperature (25°C). Do not use the expired ink as it may degrade the performance of the product.
  • SM-40 Defoamer can be used 1-3% to improve leveling or to avoid foaming
  • Screen Cleaner N is recommended to clean the stencil.
  • Avoid excessive thinning and avoid using other solvents as this may decrease printability and cause lack of adhesion between the ink layer and the injection resin during IMD/FIM.


  • T-200-270 Monofilament mesh is recommended. Coverage is 35 m2/kg at T-250.


  • Heated drying is required; tack-free time is about 10 minutes at 80°C with a box dryer.
  • Final drying should be done for 60 minutes at 90°C after printing IMB Binder.
  • Drying time varies according to drying conditions such as room temperature, humidity, type of dryer, printed area, mesh of stencil, substrate, etc. Preliminary testing under actual conditions is strongly recommended before a commercial run.

Standard Colors:

Opaque Red
Reddish Yellow
Brilliant Red
Opaque White
Light Yellow


  • IMB Binder series is strongly recommended to improve the adhesion of the ink layer to the injection molding resin.
    –> IMB-HF009 Binder: Suitable for MIR Ink and IMD/FIM applications with PC resin, PMMA resin.
    –> IMB-HF006 Binder: Suitable for standard IMD/FIM applications with ABS, PMMA, AS etc.
  • Adhesion to injection molding resin varies according to types and grades of resin.
  • In various forming processes such as vacuum forming, pneumatic forming and mold forming, or in the Film Insert Molding process (in which injected resin is integrated with the substrate), the finished product may be affected by any of the following: the type of substrate, the ink used in pattern printing, the printing conditions, the printing order, the drying method, the forming resin, the mold (type, position of the mold and shape, number of gates), the injection conditions, etc. Preliminary testing under actual conditions is strongly recommended before a commercial run.

Safety and Handling

  • Flammable. UN Class: Not included. UN No.: Not included
  • Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink or coating comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water. If ink comes in contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult with a doctor.
  • Containers should be closed tightly after use and stored in cool, dark place. SDS is available upon request. Please request a copy and read it carefully before handling materials. Follow instructions and use all ink products responsibly.

Resistance of IPX-HF Ink

Property Test Conditions Results
Adhesion JIS K 5600-5-6 (Cross-cut): ISO 2409: 1mm interval 6X6 cuts, cellophane tape and peel No defect
Scratch JIS K 5600-5-4 (Pencil): ISO/DIS 15184: 750g, weight hardness of a pencil, checked for scratching F
Heat ISO 3248:80°C, 400hrs, check appearance and peeling off from the substrate No defect
Hot Water JIS K 5600-6-2: ISO 2812-2: Dip 48-168 hours in 40°C water, check appearance & adhesion No defect
Acid 7 hrs in 5% H2SO4, check appearance, check for peeling No defect
Alkali 7 hrs in 5% NaOH, check appearance, check for peeling No defect
Alcohol Gakushin scrub tester, cotton soaked ethanol, 200g, 50 times, check appearance, check for peeling No defect
Scrub Gakushin scrub tester, with cotton, 500g weight, 500 back and forth, check for color fade No defect
Ball Drop JIS K 5600-5-3: DuPont Impulse Tester, drop 500g weight from 50cm height, check appearance No defect
Punching Cut with a punch, check cut edges No defect

Test Sample Note

Substrate: Polycarbonate (0.5mm)
Ink: IPX-HF679 White, F-003 Solvent (10% dilution), 240 Catalyst (10% addition)
Printing: T-250 mesh, 90°C, 60 minutes at box dryer.
Above mentioned results are for laboratory purposes only, cannot be guaranteed.