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Technology lecture for FIM/IMD Final session: Explanation of the Injection Process

In this FIM/IMD technology White Paper, we have described the manufacturing process as a series of 4 special white papers from the point of view of advantage of FIM/IMD technology.

In this final white paper we would like to describe "Injection", that is: the third of 3 process stages involved in "Film Insert Molding (FIM/IMD: Film Insert Molding / In-Mold Decoration)" combining screen-printed sheet with plastic injection molding.

1. The third process stage of FIM/IMD: Injection (Injection molding)

Injection (Injection molding) is the method whereby the heated and fluidized plastic material is injected under pressure into the cavity of the closed mold and then solidified inside to form the molded object that corresponds to the cavity of the mold.

2. The problem to which we should pay attention in injection process

The problem that can occur in injection process of Film Insert Molding is “wash-out”.

“Wash-out” is the phenomenon which the base material and ink surface around the gate is melted by the pressure and heat of resin that is injected at high temperature during injection.

 Illustration of wash-out


 Measures for wash-out

To solve the problem that occurs in injection process of Film Insert Molding, ink is required to provide wash-out resistance = high heat resistance and toughness.

We supply the inks such as IPX-HF, etc., that are excellent in heat resistance and toughness.

Note also that mold with exclusive design, idea for gate position, etc. could be effective for prevention of wash-out.

Further, as for the molding condition, compared with load on ink surface in case of the normal injection molding, injection at a high temperature and high speed is effective to reduce it.



This is the end of FIM/IMD technology special white papers.

We would like to plan special white paper in the future addressing technologies of high customer interest. We hope this service may be of value to you.


Please also refer to detailed information about molding inks referred to in this White Paper as follows.


ISX-HF 1 pack type High elongation property. Good workability with no pot life.
IPX-HF 2 pack type Wash out resistance, high resistance of ink surface, heat resistance in forming and molding
INQ-HF 2 pack type Flexibility and high resistance of ink surface in forming
1 pack type Binder ink (Adhesive layer between molded resin and ink surface)(Use when using IPX-HF, INQ-HF.)