Realize beautiful mirror surface on the glass substrate

Introduction of Mirror ink for glass

Good news to those who consider new design for touch panel of glass material!

We will introduce MIR-61000 Mirror Silver, MIR ink (mirror effect ink) for screen printing which realizes beautiful mirror surface on the glass substrate.

1. Mirror ink for glass realizing both printing on glass and high mirror effect

1. Realize beautiful design of mirror effect on the glass

Since there was no Mirror ink (mirror effect ink) for the glass up to now, mirror ink for resin sheet had been used. However, mirror effect was insufficient in this method, compared with original printing on resin sheet because the mirror ink is not optimized for the glass.

MIR-61000 Mirror Silver, developed as mirror ink for glass, has good printability on the glass and provides original mirror effect on the glass.

Therefore, the ink is optimum for the design applying mirror effect on the touch panel of glass substrate.

2. Excellent characteristics of MIR-61000 Mirror Silver

1. Mirror ink designed for glass

The ink has good printability on the glass because it is designed as such purpose.

2. Excellent mirror effect

As mentioned above, this mirror ink optimized for the glass can realize mirror surface with beautiful metallic gloss.

3. Excellent printability

The ink provides excellent printability by good thixotropic nature and suitable viscosity for printing.

It is also suitable for printing pattern such as negative letter and positive letter, etc.

4. Eco-friendly

Unlike metal plating, there is no use of environmentally hazardous heavy metal. Therefore, it is expected to reduce environmental management cost such as waste fluid management, etc.

2. Examples of MIR-61000 Mirror Silver

1. Example of excellent mirror effect realized on glass substrate

This is an example of comparing mirror effect on MIR-51000 (left side) and MIR-61000 (right side) by placing bar-coded pen on the glass substrate printed with the inks.

MIR-51000, which is Mirror ink for resin sheet, was printed on the glass after adding additive. The ink becomes slightly whitish without providing original high mirror effect.

On the other hand, MIR-61000, which is Mirror ink for glass, realizes beautiful mirror effect on the glass.

MIR-51000  MIR-61000

Enlarged photo of background reflection in bar code of the pen
(Scratch was originally in the pen.)

MIR-51000  MIR-61000

MIR-51000, the mirror ink for resin sheet [Left-side photo] provides excellent mirror effect on the resin sheet of applicable materials such as polycarbonate or treated PET, etc., as with MIR-61000.

Please refer to the following report on excellent mirror effect of MIR-51000 Mirror Silver.

No.145 MIR-51000 Mirror Silver